Ultras (2020)

Director: Francesco Lettieri Screenplay: Peppe Fiore
Released • March 9, 2020

Naples, Italy. Sandro is the venerable leader of the Apaches, a group of soccer hooligans ["Ultras"] for whom violence and unshakable values is a way of life. Now that a stadium ban prevents Sandro from approaching the curve, those values are starting to falter. He feels for the first time a desire for a normal life, a relationship, maybe even a family. Angelo is sixteen and considers the Apaches his family. Sandro is his guide, the person who took the place of his brother, who died years earlier during the clashes of a trip. ULTRAS is the story of their friendship, of a…

A.K.A. DE: Über das Ergebnis hinaus  RU: Ультрас